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For all those sup pups out there, why do the humans just have to be the ones with a comfortable mat to stand on, dogs have never had the luxury of riding in comfort and they totally deserve it!


Perfect for helping to teach a positive assosiation before dogs ever get on the board and helps to protect your board from and scratches.

The mat is designed to be as comfortable as possible for a dog’s paws while still offering great grip.

It attaches to the luggage straps at the front of the board and is secured by clipping onto the D-ring at the nose. (Or putting the elastic around the nose of your board)

The clips are all on adjustable bungees so you can change them to the right size for your board. The underside of the mat is grippy.


The mat is machine washable so it’s easy to keep it clean.Make sure your dog is off the board before detaching the mat!

SUP PUP Mat - Protective dog grip mat for Paddleboards

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  • Here's what your board needs to attach the dog mat:

    • Luggage straps (No wider than 50cm) 
    • Preferably D-ring at the nose or under the nose to clip the elastic to. Or a pointed nose on your board to slip the elastic over the top of.

    Suitable for dogs of all sizes

    Dimensions: 90cm x 54 cm 

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