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How BE Adventure was created

Before the pandemic the both me and Ben were outdoor instructors and loved being outside, a week after returning from Vietnam where we'd rescued our dog Scruff, the 1st lockdown happened... With no one being able to work in the outdoor industry we ended up changing industries.

Spending so much time at home in the evenings and weekends of lockdown made me realise that I wanted accessories for our pup that reflected our love for the outdoors, but couldn't find anything we liked that wasn't really expensive!

So in October 2020 BE Adventure Dogs was created and in November was launched officially!


We pride ourselves on our quality and affordable prices, if we wouldn't buy it for the price, we can't expect our customers too! Plus all of our Bandanas and Bow ties are reversible so you get to add 2 outfits to your dogs wardrobe for the price of 1.

Our name is actually made up of our names!

The B stands for Ben and E for Esther

Ben no longer does as much in the business as he did at the beginning but still supports me a huge deal in helping me build my dream.

Having seen how far this little buisness has come my main goal for this year is to create a community and brand that could help guide other dog parents to go out on adventures and try new adventurous sports.

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